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Open Letter from Dorian Rollin to Jennifer Lawrence
“A thanks letter”

Thursday 2 November 2017,

Dear Lady Lawrence,

Firstly, I would like you to know that I'm a young (shortly fifteen) french boy. So please forgive me if there are too much spelling mistakes.

Secondly, I want to thank you to act in a movie. A movie which touched me through the hearth. A movie which made me think about my real personality. A movie which let me think that I should live how I am. Not to dissemble myself under wrong feelings to charm people which, finally, won't take care of me when I will be sad, when I will need someone to share my feelings; even if I can count everyday, every night, every moment on my family. This is what I call a Happiness Therapy.

I want to congratulate you for your wonderful acting in Happiness Therapy. I don't know anything about cinema and acting but when I watched the movie, I was very touched by feelings you conveyed during the shooting. Then, your "ill-role" is perfectly acted.
I don't know what can I say more. I was just bewitched by the film: I couldn't stop watching the movie.

I imagine you have received plenty of compliments from directors and professional cinema critics but I wish you read mine, YOU, Lady Lawrence. And I would like to ask you something: please, tel me if you have read my letter, don't let me in the doubt, please.

Wishing you a great continuation,

Dorian Rollin,
A young french boy who tries to thank an unattainable woman

Author: Dorian Rollin

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