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About Flora Martínez
Flora MartínezFlora Martinez (born September 7, 1977 in Montreal) is a Colombian-Canadian actress best-known for the title role in the 2005 film Rosario Tijeras. Martinez was born in Montreal to a Canadian mother and a Colombian father, and raised in Bogotá and North Vancouver. She began her career in television in Colombia appearing in telenovelas such as Mambo (1994), Maria Bonita (1995), and La Otra Mitad del Sol (1995). She is a Canadian citizen and speaks fluent French, Spanish and English. She studied at the Actors Conservatory in New York from 1997 through 1999. In 1999, she appeared in her first feature film, Soplo de Vida, by the Colombian director Luis Ospina, for which she won the Best Actress Award at the Biarritz Film Festival in France. She has worked in the theater in the staging of Herat by Daniel Berardi. Martinez starred in Lolita's Club (2007), which was directed by noted Spanish filmmaker Vicente Aranda. She is also known in the film industry for having worked in movies such as I'm With Lucy (2002), directed by Jon Sherman, and Violet of a Thousand Colors (2005), directed by Harold Trompetero. She is currently filming a novela called Vecinos (Colombian telenovela).
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