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Open Letter from Mike Chase to Colin Strause
“Predator Re-imagination Franchise”

Thursday 20 July 2017,

Hello Mr. Colin Strause,
First of all, I was super happy when I heard you & your brother were doing the next AvP film & enjoyed it even more than the first, I know it was a while ago, but I still watch it & never get bored, unlike the first movie which the storyline was good but the FX of the Young Blood Yautja's was disappointing & how fast they were killed.
I am a huge fan of the Predator movies, but disheartened that more have not been made, so I decided to have a go myself at some script writing of the Predator movies & came up with a few ideas such as;
Predator - same title, but the ultimate hunter Vs the Ultimate Force the Yautja's Jungle Hunter faces the British SAS. With Dutch still the main protagonist & one of two survivors.
Predator: The City Hunter - Mike Harrigan is the Main Protagonist once again, but with Dutches disappearance his brother comes to LA in search of him & finds a retired US army general who has information about his brother, meanwhile Dutch has escaped the Military facility holding him & sees the same killings of the Predator on the news & head's to LA & finds his brother & helps Mike Harrigan to kill the City Hunter.
Other Ideas I have but yet not completed are;
Alien Vs Predator (Remake)
Alien Vs Predator: Redemption - an exhiled Yautja is called upon by the Council of Elders to retake back their technology that has fell into human hands & is now at the Weyland-Yutani Colonial Mining Planet. The exhiled Predator must face not only humans but the Xenomorphs, & a new version of a Xenomorph that the Bio-Weapons division has created otherwise known as 'Subject A' along with a rival Super Predator for a battle of honour & to be able to return to Yautja Prime his home Planet.
Predators: Yautja Prime - All the Humans who have killed a Predator from each film, are all transported to fight the Predators best Warriors. Dutch, Royce, Isabel, Mike Harrigan & a couple of other Humans. Fight in a Gladiator style arena against other species of aliens captured by the Predators, then eventually the Predator clans finest Warriors. It also includes the Fallen Predators honour's, the Predator history & other Top Yautja's & the Predator Clan's, including the first human to kill a Predator which is a Samurai Princess from the 16th Century who is now the leader of one of their Clan's. & A first portrayal of a female Predator for the Fan base.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, I don't do Social media so this was the only way I could find a way to contact you.
Thank you.

Author: Mike Chase

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