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Open Letter from Fiorella BV (Peru) to Sion Sono
“Inspiration and Authenticity”

Tuesday 27 February 2018,

Hey Sion Sono, I just want to say you are beyond fantastic. Your characters, stories and the way you portray are the best thing I have ever seen. I discovered you last year when I heard about Antiporno. Eventhougt I was kind of scared to watch it due to the name, one day I decided to do it. And since then you have become my favorite director ever. I have seen every type of movies and I admire other directors but you are just something else. i admire how easy it is for you to come up with such great movies and scripts, I also read that you have done somo in little time and that insane. Just can come up woth the greatest worlds and so deep characters that I can realy relate to. Your movies are very important for me because I have had some personal stuff going on yet i have never seen movies that show characters that have all of this stuff going on while still being humans, and not just plain people that are romanticized for its personal problemas, such as depression which has been something i have struggle with many years. i am 17 years old right now but I am pretty sure that in 10 years and more you will still being my favorite director, storyteller and filmaker ever. Sion Sono you are just AWESOME. It would mean the world for me if you ever reply to this, because you are the person that I look up the most eventhought I am not studying or working in anything related to movies I really love good cinema and you are by far the most original filmaker I have ever had the opportunity to watch. I hope somo day I can meet you in person to tell you how much I admire you. Love exposure is the one I love the most since it is pretty difficult to wacth a movie that talks about so much, society, family, sins, religion, love in a unpopular way. You are fierce, you really are. I hope somedayy you can come to Peru so I can say Hi.

Author: Fiorella BV (Peru)

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