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Open Letter from joel jabbour to Ken Loach
“"Changing Unfortunes"”

Wednesday 21 November 2018,

Bonjour Ken Loach,
as a former student at the London Film School, Covent Garden, I was lucky to have the privilège to listen to you giving us a lecture at the time, beside the chance to watch a number of your movies !
I also had the pleasure to have my own movie "Changing Fortunes" selected to represent Britain at the Berlin Film festival.. years ago !

Perhaps you might think why on earth, this little fellow, retired & handicapped due to a medical error, is writing to me, now ?
This is to answer your potential question :
I have enjoyed a very creative life what with assignments at the ITV, in shooting commercials all over Europe, and on independent contracts for the EC "wanna do something useful for a CHANG€?"
and in the last few years being invited to exhibit a number of my photos at various sights all around Brussels.. the last exhibition lasted six months !
Now, I am preparing a new exhibition to make the EC buildings and its messages more appealing to the YOUNG as well as the old.. in a ludic yet very creative way.. and I do need YOUR support as well as the help from your many contacts / connections..
kindest regards

Author: joel jabbour

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