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Open Letter from Pauline Wiener to Paul McCartney
“Everything in life is planned, can we make this dream come true?”

Sunday 4 November 2018,

Dear Sir Paul McCartney,

I would like to write to you about one of your biggest fans, my father: Michel Wiener. My father has always been a fan of you, has spent his first paycheck to buy your records, has never missed a single of your concerts in France and will see you this month at the U Arena in Paris. My mother and I met by buying a Beatles album, my dad always preferred your voice and your guitar skills to the band. Years later, they are still married and develop the same passion. They called their first daughter, me, "Pauline" in your honor and my sister and I learned all your songs and continue with your latest album Egypt station. You'll never imagine how many cds, dvds, posters, T-shirts, calendars or even framed pictures we have of you at home. Another more personal fact, every time he feels sad, he goes into the living room and watches your concerts, moved. Your music seems to soothe his soul more than anything else.
Overall, my dad has a lot of health problems which is why we’d love for him to enjoy every moments until his organs no longer permit him. He has lost sight in his left eye, he suffers from diabetes, has lost 2 toes and has always encountered trouble walking, he cannot stand very long without feeling feeble or weak, he has a pacemaker and have suffered for many years from kidney failure which led to a donation. My father has always been a fighter and your music helped him throughout all those years and all the battles he led, I hope you understand how much it would mean to him if you make him (us) a favor:
In February 2019, he will be celebrating his sixty years old birthday and my sister and I organized him a surprise week in December where he’ll be attending your Liverpool concert at the Echo Arena. He’s been talking about one of your concert in Liverpoolfor so long, picturing it as “the dream of his life”, so we gathered all his friends and family, launched a pot and raised enough money to make his dreams come true. Therefore my dad will be seeing you on December the 15th and although it might make him the happiest man on Earth, we were wondering if you, dear sir Paul McCartney, could do us the favor of writing him something or maybe taking some time to meet him while in Liverpool? I know it is a lot to ask of you, you must surely be very busy with the launching of your album and preparation for your touring so I would understand if you couldn’t accede to my request but a simple letter from you would mean the world.

Also I felt I could not finish this letter without thanking you for making such good and enjoyable music for all generations, I’ll make sure to play your music to my future child in order to keep the masterpieces alive. You are an amazing singer, performer and person I am sure and I wish you the best of all, Dear Sir Paul McCartney.

Yours Truly

Pauline Wiener

Author: Pauline Wiener

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