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About Lauren Gottlieb
Lauren GottliebJimmy "Jimmers" Alexander Arguello is a contemporary and lyrical dancer from Miami, Florida, who was trained in jazz, ballet, hip-hop and tap at the Dance Gallery. He began to dance at age 12 and aspires to be a professional dancer on tour with a dance company. He considers Brian Friedman his favorite professional dancer. Outside of dance, his hobbies include swimming and track and field. He feels his being eliminated from the show instead of Cedric Gardner was unfair, since he remembers the first two seasons stressing all-around dance ability rather than uniqueness. Arguello was also afraid that Gardner would put his partner, Shauna Noland, into the bottom 3 couples and in danger of elimination as a result of his not being able to learn choreography quickly. He was eliminated on 2007-06-21.
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