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Open Letter from khrystyna gryshko to Robert Pattinson
“I'm writing a script...”

Saturday 26 August 2017,

Hello Robert,

I have no idea how does this site works but I hope you are going to read my letter. I'm 25 years old emerging writer in Italy but I was born in Ukraine and I had to learn another language to write and it is hard and sometimes painful. I'm not going to write "marry me Rob!" but I would rather write please reply to me and give me an e-mail address because I am working on a script that according to me is going to be interesting and if you are interested I would send it to you by email. My script talks about a mental hospital and for me you are perfect for the part of a depressed father but there are a lot of parts that I think you may like. I don't want to reveal too much now because it is a public letter. In one word I think my script is "melting" and not for everybody at all at the same time.

As I live in Italy, my dream is to send my script also to Bernardo Bertolucci as I am his big fan.

What else could I say?
I like a lot Cronenberg and I saw you in Cosmopolis. I really like that movie. I like in general weird things and... ehm...I am weird. I want to be a true artist and not the one that just writes for selling. I'm writing for me first. This is my writing ethic.

Unfortunately, I am not a 24h a day writer because I am just at the beginning. I work in an office in Milan like other people does for 8 hours. I am graduated in Economics and my initial purpose was to move to London for searching jobs in a bank. I was born in a really poor family in Ukraine and I saw a lot of things about which I can write and write and again write. But in Italian so you will never read it (ahahaha)
My favourite director is Andrej Tarkovskij. I speak 5 languages but not all at the same level. I am interested in psychology and I think I would study it one day but I don't like very much Freud. Sorry, I don't like him at all because he was a man without doubt and I don't like people like that. But I admire Carl Jung.
I hope you are going to reply me soon. In any case good luck! And please don't become a superhero. I suggest you to do biographies of "really living superhero" because they do really exist. For me my mother is my superhero. Hope you have yours and more than just one.



Author: khrystyna gryshko

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