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Open Letter from Veris Giannetti to Daniel Day-Lewis
“Letter from Italy”

Monday 12 March 2018,

Hello, Mr. Day-lewis,

I don't want to bother you more than necessary, so I go straight to the point. I'm an Italian writer in search of his chance as a screenwriter. I've written (in English, 102 pages) a screenplay that I'd like to submit to "the right person," so to say. Of course, you'd be in the best-ones list, among the right people, but I don't dare to hope you'll be interested in my screenplay, also because it's an Animated one. Would you be so kind to give me the email address of the above-mentioned right person? Someone you trust in?... Please!!!... The title is "Mu" and here is what it’s all about (almost all).

12,301 years ago. It is Stone Age, but not in the continent of Mu. Months before the continent sinks into the ocean, a wrestler-stonecutter must leave town to get rich if he wants his girlfriend’s father to give consent to their marriage.

“Mu” is written along the lines of no other film, as far as I know, because its topic has never been dealt before. The story is about Kontiki (25 y.o.), his twin brother Kalamea, and Kontiki’s girlfriend, Waielani. Kontiki is a stonecutter and a successful wrestler, but he does not make enough money to Waielani’s father. So Kontiki and Kalamea leave Waki, their hometown, buy a 15 feet tall marble monolith, an enormous wagon, four mammoths, and become Monolith Transporters. The plan is to take the monolith to the city of Ra Panahui, where it will be bought and sculpted to obtain a moahai (present-day moai). The plan comes together, but as soon as they reach Ra Panahui (present-day Easter Island, which was not an island), the continent sinks into the ocean. The twins survive thanks to an unsinkable ship.
They land right under present-day Machu Picchu, where the famous houses haven't been built, yet. Kontiki is believed a god and called “Viracocha,” then “Quetzalcoatl,” and then, later on, “Kukulkan,” but his heart is tormented by two disturbing questions: what has happened to Ra Panahui has also occurred to Waki? If it has, did Waielani survive it?... Kontiki wishes with all of his might to go home and see, but cannot walk away from up there because of a hostile and cannibal tribe of cavemen surrounding the place. What now?... Don't worry; we have a happy ending!

A screenwriter (to be)

Author: Veris Giannetti

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