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About James Mather
James Mather (England, ca. 1750 - St. James Parish, Louisiana, 1821) was mayor of New Orleans from March 9, 1807 to October 8, 1812. His place of birth is variously given as Coupland in Northumberland; or London. A merchant by trade, he moved to America in 1776, and by 1780 he was working in New Orleans, contracting with the Spanish Government to operate two vessels out of the port and importing articles required in the trade with the Indians of Louisiana and West Florida. Mather & his descendents owned a large sugar plantation in Lutcher, Louisiana until 1879. He was appointed mayor of New Orleans by William C.C. Claiborne, governor of the Louisiana Territory. Almost as soon as became mayor, he was obliged to take measures to defend the city against the possibility of a conspiracy by the friends of Aaron Burr, which, however, did not eventuate. In November 1809, through similar measures, he is credited with averting an insurrection of the black population. Mather attempted to establish a viable police force for the city, but failed. He succeeded, however, in creating a tolerably efficient fire department. The last years of his administration saw him under fire for being under the influence of certain individuals, for failing to protect the city's interests by vetoing the resolutions of the city council, and for hiring people to write anonymous letters attacking his enemies and paying them with public funds: whether any of this was true has proved impossible to determine. In 1812, however, he had had enough, and resigned. He retired to his son's property on the Acadian Coast of Louisiana, where he died in 1821. [edit] References ^ Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism. "James Mather Historical Marker". http://www.stoppingpoints.com/louisiana/St.-James/James+Mather.html.  [edit] External links Mather as mayor of New Orleans (in Kendall's history of New Orleans) Preceded by
John Watkins Mayor of New Orleans
March 9, 1807 – May 16, 1812 Succeeded by
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