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Open Letter from Juan José Alcerro Milla to Giacomo Campiotti
“Giacomo Campiotti - Central America?”

Wednesday 28 March 2018,

Buona sera Giacomo Campiotti,

Tegucigalpa, March 28, 2018

Mr Giacomo Campiotti
Film Director

Mr Giacomo:

Greetings from Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

My name is Juan José Alcerro Milla. I’m a corporate lawyer in a regional law firm in Honduras and an avid promoter of initiatives and projects towards education and those aimed to help our young people find opportunities in life. As you may know, our country, one of the poorest in the region, is in need of a transformation of the young and of the families for a better life, for a life with dignity and respect.

As I have had the luck to ‘discover’ several of your movies and tv series (“Mary of Nazareth”, “Preferisco il paradiso”, “St Giusseppe Moscati”, “El Maestro – Non é mai tropp tardi” “Bahkita”, “Bianca come il latte, rosa come il sangue”…) and the strong positive message they provide, I decided to try to track and contact you see if it’s possible for you to come to Honduras for a few days (3-4 days) and share a bit of your experience and ideals. I was thinking of short sessions with influential business people, and also university students, and young students. Help us envision the importance of virtues, self-giving, the grandeur of a faith shown in life, etc.

We would cover all the travel costs and your stay, and pay any fees for your time and sessions.

I know it may be complicated because of the distance and your time. I was thinking it could be late this year, or next year. Hope it would be possible. You could come with your wife if you’d prefer: Honduras is a nice country and with beautiful things to see.

In any case, congratulations for your magnificent work and art: keep moving and shaking the lives of so many with your direction, screenplay and overall cinema work.

Also, I’m trying to buy your movies, but even though I have tracked a few at Ignatius Press, can’t find them all at Amazon. Plus, several of them are only in PAL format: is there a way I could acquire them, any one I could contact to buy them? (only ones I have been able to purchase are Mary of Nazareth –bought 20– and Bianca come il latte…). I have family in Miami, USA where these could be sent.

Please help on that, if any way possible.

Feliz Semana Santa.

All the best,

Author: Juan José Alcerro Milla

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