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Open Letter from Marie to Lana Wachowski
“SENSE8 changed my life”

Wednesday 20 June 2018,

Hi Miss Wachowski !!! (before I begin sorry for the mistakes, I'm French) I just have one thing to tell you : thank you. I couldn't imagine that anything could ever make me feel what Sense8 did. This show reflects at the same time the power of cinema and the power of humanity. What it conveys isn't just a message of peace, it makes me wanna love everyone, it encourages multiculturalism, it is an hymn to tolerance and for that I will never thank you enough. Tolerance is what crucially misses in our current world, so everyone should see the show and start to be a bit more open-minded, and so much conflicts would disappear. It's not just a show, it's a team sharing so much things with the fans ! I really have no words to describe all the sensations it made me feel, it's like if my body was full of positive energy that makes me wanna dance, kiss, love... You are so talented in doing great films but also so talented in created a feeling which has the power to gather everyone. I just love you soon much for that. I hope one day I'll be able to pass as much emotions as you do in a movie, but from the top of my 17 yo, I just thank you for the positive energy I'll be carrying my entire life, in part thanks to your show.

Author: Marie

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