Lana Wachowski

Open Letter from D.B to Lana Wachowski
“Thank you”

Thursday 29 November 2018,

Greetings to you, the wachowski,

I don't know witch point to make first.. Is it that I admire your work ? Or the emotions that overflow me when I watch your art ?
Damn me if I know. It's not important. I just wanted you two to know that I thank you both for your work.
You inspire me hope, love ( lot's of ! ), and faith in humanity. And that's really that I'm looking for. Tears overflow whenever I watch Cloud Atlas or Sense 8... The 2 major work to me, your works that go through my heart.

I want to talk with you, both, I don't know how, but I would love to brainstorm with you !
Even without mentioning me, I don't care. I'm a poor tv show executive director, and I wish I had my pinch of salt in your futur work. Even if it's just a coma !

But I know I'm not the only one asking this. But I hope, one day, you will read this, and maybe ask me an advice on one piece of work.. A person can hope !

Anyway. Thank you for your wwork, and I'm rooting for your next movie !

Sincerely yours

Author: D.B

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