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Open Letter from Federica to Adelaide Kane
“Letter For Adelaide kane ”

Wednesday 6 March 2019,

Dear Adelaide Kane.
Only in March you entered my life and I thank that damn TV series that made me know you: Reign.
You've become my idol in such a short time and it's a beautiful thing, I do not even find the words I hear.
I also opened an Instagram page dedicated to you, hoping that one day you make me a Like, it would be my joy, with all that is left to me, a joy would be nice.
Sometimes I feel I miss you, yes, right, I miss you, like now, I do not know why, but I feel this.
I conclude by telling you that you will always and forever be my idol of the heart, I love you.

Author: Federica

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    Bеst wishes!

    15 days ago, by MogoDape

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