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Open Letter from Valeria to Tim Burton
“Do you remember of me?”

Monday 11 December 2017,

Dear Tim Burton,
I'm Valeria, a very simple and awkward twenty-year-old girl, we already met in a dream I had last night, I shook your hand and you said: let's hear from you! Meanwhile, however, you forgot to leave me a contact, so I write to you here. Now you are thinking I'm crazy, but if it was not worth it I would not let you waste time reading a letter (with all the ones here, then it's already a miracle if it is sent somewhere). But you know? Never mind. Now I have nothing to do a part waiting for the last interviews of the office and thinking about where and how I will be in a couple of years. So it's better to vent my thought writing it black on white where I want. I would like to talk about many things, including the fact that I will become a great actress. No, I'm not presumptuous and, yes, I'm serious. We should all be convinced of what you want, I think it's the only way to accomplish something. Well, my dream is Acting with a capital A and it will not make the mold in a drawer. I am sincere, many times I think if this is what I really aspire to. In short, I imagine it has equally complex disadvantages finding yourself within a so particular world, as not all that glitters is gold, just like many other fields of course. But always that small, big spark pushes me to persist, so much so that at the end of the day I am more and more convinced to realize my passion. Before I become Jack skeleton waiting for an answer, I would like to give you the precious advice not to miss the opportunity to be aware of it. Trust, you do not know what you lose ... I wish you a good day and Merry Christmas!
Best regards
Valeria, one of many (but unique) dreamers.

Author: Valeria

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