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Open Letter from Julien Mars to Clint Eastwood
“Escape from Alcatraz...”

Tuesday 13 February 2018,

Dear Clint !

Firstly, I would very much like to thank you for the high quality of your talent as movie actor 'cos nowadays, we all need to find a peace of dream and imagination in our life because of the fact that our reality does not grant it easily to us and that's why movies have emotional powers !

Among all i've watched from you, one movie stands out from the rest according to me, and I refer to « escape from Alcatraz » !

That rôle you play as Frank Morris is extremely powerful as regards psychology about prison life !!

That movie is more than a movie and you are more than a movie actor in that very big masterpiece about your ability to personify the real Frank ! It's much more than a movie since that's a true story and a true legend !

You know, the more I've watched you in that movie and the more and I felt what did occur for all three free-prisoners after their crossing of San Francisco bay ! Even if I know that no one has a confirmed anwer, I feel you through that they succeeded in doing a perfect escape ! So if you come hearing me on my youtube chain by writting « Julien Mars », you can hear one of my created song named « Driver Escape » in the course of which I try to explain your movie ! « sorry for my bad english language level for accent », It's just a little absurd thing from me so very sorry if you find it shabby...

What I would like to know is what you felt when you shot scenes as Frank ? You followed on Frank 's wake so have you been impressed by Frank's ingenuity for finding a solution in very hard conditions being nearly impossible to be thwart ?

I'm sorry in case when my questions seem to be pointless and thank you very much for your reading.

Author: Julien Mars

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