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Open Letter from Daniele Prestifilippo to Toshio Suzuki
“Hello, can I bring my work to you?”

Thursday 8 June 2017,

Hello Toshio Suzuki, I'm a musician from Italy, my name is Daniele Prestifilippo. I' ve no company. I would like to state that starting from my young age I've become a big fan of studio ghibli and especially of Hisaishi's music. I've been growing up with such music, and I've also shared this passion along with my parents and friends. I can remember the first time I saw the italian version of Spirited Away (Chiiro's story), it was eye opening and pretty enjoyable for me and my taste. In these years, spent in the study of music (mostly classical and modern soundtracks) I've developed a style that's unique and that I really imagine could bring benefit to Hayao's work. As I said I like much Hisaishi's music and I have become sad when he was in Italy 2 years ago holding a concert near Udine, becouse I live near there and I wasn't allowed to go for serious hilness. I'm just "another" of the ones who tries it straightly to follow the dream and become featured in great film, even if I think it's more great artwork (that can help meditate an bring happiness to the young). I really dream to be part of your team and to judge if I'm at least a little right in saying what I've said. The style of my compositions is pretty similar to the style of Joe's but it's very original. I hope you will discover the music I did compose is just good for an animation film. I think my music it's more European but it's affected from my passion of fantastic music (like Hisaishi's work). My work it's very personal, closely to sincere and for that everyone who listens tell me it's coherent and brings beautiful sensations, with no tentations at all. In my channel on the youtube there's all of my work, also a medieval ballad and some pieces are already orchestrated. My music is more similar to the one of the videogames you bring from Japan. At the end I say the music you will listen to is very pure, as I started composing at the moment I found my faith in youth.
Link to a little playlist:
Channel on:
I hope you will listen at least to some of my music
Domo arigato! Thanks in

Author: Daniele Prestifilippo

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