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Open Letter from simon beard to Iain Softley
“I really rate this film!”

Monday 18 September 2017,

Hello Iain Softley,

There are many elements that combine to make "The Skeleton Key" an excellent film and it's one I've watched several times. The brilliant camera direction closely involves the viewer, whilst managing to find time to be aesthetically creative and original. The principal characters are well conceived and deliver credible performances throughout. I love the gradual "build" of tension and suspicion and although the film is a long way from out and out horror, it delivers wonderfully in terms of conspiracy and ultimately the betrayal of trust . The sense of long-enduring evil is brilliantly portrayed at the end of the film when we are left wondering if any of this superstitious mumbo jumbo might after all be not so far-fetched. I'd give this film nine out of ten and I think it deserves far greater acclaim and credit than has so far been given. It's a neglected gem

Author: simon beard

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