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Open Letter from Sophie Collet to Harry Shum Jr.
“Letter for Harry Shum Jr”

Thursday 2 May 2019,

Hello Harry Shum Jr.,
My name is Sophie Collet and I really love your acting! It could be a honor to meet you one day! I'd love to make a little interview with you because I have many questions for you! I know that I'm not a famous person but do that can give me confidente in myself. I know that I am nobody for you and that you'll probably say no but, if I not ask, I'll never know ! So, there is the questions, if you want to see:
1) You played on many film. Which is the character that you most like to play?
2) When we are on stage, to sing or play, we feel stress. Is it the same stress when we are behind a camera to play a role?
3) How do you manage this stress?
4) You play the role of Magnus Bane on ShadowHunter. I don't really know how it work on cinema but who chose that you'll play that role?
5) Same if it's you, what other character would you like to play?
6) What character trait do you have in common with Magnus?
7) Do you prefere to danse or play a role?
8) Is this was a dream to play a role on a film? To danse? To sing?
9) What advice would you give to someone who wants to play on a movie or to danse or to be on a stage?

Author: Sophie Collet

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