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Open Letter from Melanie to Shah Rukh Khan

Wednesday 23 January 2019,

Hello Shahrukh Khan
My name is Melanie I am French, I am 39 years old and mother of 4 children.
I do not know if you will find this letter or if you will even read it. In any case I hope so.
I will not tell you all those that all your other fans tell you because some are very personal and very intimate.
I have a deep attraction for India and Indian culture, which has grown steadily over the years.But some time ago I came across video of you, which immediately interested me and attracted so I started looking for your movies and interested in your life and you travel.J I was literally in love with your movies and your fictional characters and the way you interpret them.Even if it is difficult to find translations into French ...
Your films have been for me very revealing.
I deeply loved the stories, the way you filled the screen with your very particular way of delivering your emotions.
All girls, women dreams, have dreamed and dream true love passionate generous and so beautiful that you embody on the screen, the emotion that you make us feel as if you lived it really ...
In any case for me it's like that I feel, apart from the fact that you are terribly attractive, you are for me a very great actor and you make me live a pleasant dream in your films.Je thank you for everything my heart for what you bring what you represent.
I'm not naive I suspect you're a very busy person and this is just another fan letter and I do not know if one day you'll have eyes on this letter ... But if it's is really the case then I would be more than happy and especially if you were to answer me one day.
If a dream were to be answered then it would be to meet you.
So if this letter came to you know that a French fan is impatient at the coming of other films and the dream of seeing you one day ..
Thank you from the bottom of the heart. Love Mélanie de France

Author: Melanie

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