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About Fernando Tejero
Fernando TejeroFernando Tejero Muñoz-Torrero (born February 24, 1967) is a Spanish actor who spent his childhood and adolescence in Córdoba, Andalucía. Since he was very young, Tejero knew he wanted to be an actor. However his father wanted Tejero to become a bullfighter.. Tejero studied acting at the Escuela de Arte Dramático de Córdoba, the Centro Andaluz de Teatro and the Escuela de Arte Dramático Cristina Rota de Madrid. As a struggling actor, Tejero worked with his parents in a seafood market. According to Tejero, during this period in his life, he had his first bad experience with showbusiness. He said he met a very famous Spanish actress with whom he had a cordial conversation. She ignored him and looked at him with contempt when she discovered he worked at a seafood market. Tejero went on to perform in bit parts in Spanish movies, slowly gaining recognition. He was able to establish a bond with a production company called Animalario. In 2003, he was offered a role in Días de fútbol, for which he won the Goya Award for best new actor. In that same year, during the casting of the now-famous Spanish ensemble comedy Aquí no hay quien viva, he was originally offered the part of Paco, the video store clerk. However, a new role was subsequently created for him, that of Emilio, the porter; this allowed him much more of a protagonistic role than originally planned. With the show's great success, Tejero has become a household name in Spain. Since then, he has had leading roles in films, such as El penalti más largo del mundo. He also plays a blind man in the upcoming film Nadie es perfecto, which IMDB currently lists as in post-production.
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