Hayden Christensen

Open Letter from Raffaella Amadi to Hayden Christensen
“For Hayden C. ”

Thursday 16 February 2012,

Finally I find a decent " space "
to write to Hayden !

Probably this is the only time that I can write something of direct.

I' m your same age, I was born in November 1981.

So I want to say to you
that for me it' s important, you' re fine.
I read on web 'bout the last events of your life, and the most important thing for me, is that you ' re fine

And I want to tell you
that I lived in Berlin, this year, for one year, in Pankow , In East Berlin, cause I'M COMUNIST and my grandfather fought the nazism, he was prisoner of nazists, during the second world war...

"star wars" in Germany goes strong! It comes into " fashion "!

When I went around in alexander platz, after-work, guys offered me tickets for a location ( the name of the location, it seems me is " GALAXIA" , there were the evenings in this place, where a guy was Dart Fener , dressed the dart fener 's costume!

Bull this thing !

I thinked of you !!!

If you go in Berlin, you can go to see Berliner Dart Fener !

your alter- ego !!!

But I had no time to go to see Dart Fener live! ; D unfortunately
But I want to tell you this
But I was at the berliner literature festival , this year

But I choose the darkside... ; )

But for me ,
I 'm writing
' cause
I want to know if you 're fine,

that's important for me, you're fine

'cause "your love is my love", and if you ' re not fine, I'm not fine too
I feel this

I want you're fine

I don't know....

but I grew with "star wars "
and hayden is a part of me , a part of my life.

I watched for the first time ," life as a house " ,when I was 18, and "star wars" is one of my favourite films .

You're my favourite actor
a part you' re so beautiful...
and very good actor for me !

all these coincidences of
my life

I take all
for a sign of destiny !!!

I will be near you,
anything will happen in the future

'bout albania
I live near albania, and I know very well the problems, and the film ,that won the berliner "bear", touchs me deep strings inside.

I hope Hayden ,
you read

But I think at the end
" we don't choose love,
it chooses us "

In your case
I think so


Could I speak in this letter, using " you " ? directly?
or it was better if I used the third person singular


I' ve a blog on web
if you want to read sometime
the name of my blog is " 10 degrees below zero"
'cause I have been really at ten degrees below zero, in berlin !
And I think you know what is cold , you are Canadian! !!

and you need something
in your life ...
I' m " half - lawyer " !

I wish you, for your life
many beautiful things
and a long career
full of professional satisfactions

Author: Raffaella Amadi

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