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Open Letter from Loredana De Martin Bolzan to Oliver Hirschbiegel
“Other losses: a new movie?”

Sunday 2 July 2017,

Hello Oliver Hirschbiegel,
Dear Sir.
Just recently I saw the movie Der Untergang and I liked it most of all the movies I had seen before.
For more than six months (since I saw it for the first time) I have reviewed it at least once a week, I have seen it so much now that I know every word and I can see it in German, its original language.
Not only that, but an irrepressible passion exploded in me for the historical period described in the film, so I bought books and magazines about that and I have read and I often read it again, in English or French (two languages ​​that I know enough to be able to read).
The last book I bought is a German book "Nie meher nach Hause?" by Ernst G. Schenck (I do not know German and I have asked a friend of mine to translate it a little by little.)
Dear Sir, you are a very talented filmmaker, would not you want to mention the calvary of so many German soldiers who, in my opinion, were unjustly imprisoned in the prisoner of war camp, where they were humiliated, beaten and killed by suffering and sickness, so that a third of them have never came home again?
I ask you that because it seems that Germans of today do not want to remember their compatriots in the name of politically correct.
You have been able to keep Der Untergang in perfect balance without indulging in sentimentality and I know you could tell the odyssey of German prison camps the same way.
Let me close this mail by recalling the book "Other losses" of the canadian James Bacque, who wrote that Eisenhower hated the Germans not only as enemies but as a whole people. In 1944 Eisenhower wrote to his wife: "I hate Germans because the German is a beast " and he said in front of the English ambassador that all the 3500 officers of the German command, all the (German) mayors of the municipalities, the Gestapo commanders, and the leaders of the National Socialist Party (around 100,000 people) had to be exterminated.
Well, his wish was materialized far beyond his expectations, because a third of the five million German prisoners locked up in the many camps of the victors of the second World War (at least 1.7 million prisoners) was deliberately murdered after have been mistreated, hungry, tortured. They died in the mud of the prison camps, outdoors, without shelter, under all kinds of weather, covered with lice and their own excrement. They died of hunger (although the winners were abundantly provided with food), died of illnesses (because the only medicine distributed by their jailers were a splash of DDT, just because they feared that any epidemics could hit the lager guards.)
Please give voice to all those souls condemned to oblivion.
Your sincerely

Author: Loredana De Martin Bolzan

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