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Open Letter from Marie-Blanche Besner to Jodie Foster
“Let's make a movie ! of course it would be edited”

Wednesday 24 April 2019,

Hello Jodie Foster, I AM FOR THE RESPECT OF ALL AND ANY OPINIONS AND POSITIONS AND LIVES, WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE IF SOMEBODY IS AUTISTIC OR MENTALLY ILL I am against stigmatization! BEING A PROSTITUTE IS A QUESTION OF OPINION, AND MUCH BETTER FOR ME BECAUSE IF YOU ARE CONSIDERED SCHIZOPHRENIC, you are easily locked up & you can get beaten up by another patient (2 times thursday supper time & friday am, as I was lying down in bed trying to rest! ) You're considered as having NO JUDGMENT AND CANNOT EVEN DRIVE A CAR. I love driving & am a safe driver, my car was stolen & hidden in Mascouche! to impress somebody somewhere I think I know why but the page isn't long enough to write it here. Be kind, please tell me the English name for the movie "Appel a la Justice", what year was it filmed? You were playing the role of a waitress Sarah Tobias, I believe, Kelly McGillis was a lawyer. What was the name of the first "cheerleader male" wearing a coloured tie. On another level (allégorie, métaphore, dimension ), I wish my ex-boyfriend could have been like Kenneth JOYCE, and not a moral pimp pushing me towards real prostitution. (I am mentally retarded & a saint and so I was never a real prostitute!) I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs, don't go to slot machine bars or paiano bars of any kind too afraid too chicken of some dope being dropped in my glass! I hate the smell of weed, I love the smell of ordinary tobacco before is is burned and smoked. Would like to cook my own meals with organic foods or vegan or even the Miss Fresh or GoodFood delivery at your door (why don't I go work for them?) 'cause I am homeless! I need to be temporarily or forever adopted by a granola organic family that would give me freedom to drive a little bit, $250. a week, logée et nourrie with my kind of vegan food ! access to some work, like picking organic grapes from the vine, I could eat a few at the same time!, decent living quarters: a room with a private bathroom (no skylight with spiders) and a big walk-in wardrobe, access to a kitchen with a huge walk-in pantry. Also access to a greenhouse to grow turmeric a natural anti-inflammatory I need 'cause some docs left a stent from left kidney to bladder & a stone formed & I'm stuck with that since 2008. If I had known that I needed a follow-up after the surgery for removal of a kidney struvite stone in august 2008, to go back 6 or 12 months later I would have gone back to the hospital or external clinic of urologists ! I was abandoned because I am afraid of the word 'cancer' and one doc had sent a registered letter asking for a biopsy !! (My immune system is sollicited by the presence of polyvinyl stent as a foreign object & I am prone to UTIs constantly & it is not due to promiscuity 'cause last time I slept with my boyfriend was 2001!! I masturbate more fun, less trouble!!) I am interested in being vegan because right now I seem to be fighting with a diabetes of choc ! When you don't know about certain facts & people are harasssing you & you don't know why because you know that you're just a parking slot. Before his death in 2005, I bought books for my dad to help him avoid foods with saturated fats & transfats, reconnect with nature, avocados, good fats from vegetables and nuts but my books were stolen by pro-suicide (so it seems) police officers from the GRC and / or Sûreté du Québec. I told my dad I was not in a hurry to lose him as he was earning what I call good retirement pension revenues which just piles up interest on capital deposited each month & I told him I wanted him to eat veggies and walk, and stick around as along as possible. He had worked so hard all his life, poor man, I miss him so much! I'd love to be adopted by a horse whisperer like Ellen de Generes or Robert Redford ( I would like to discuss with him the film UP CLOSE & PERSONAL! ) I had a dream where I was talking with very selfish people and talking about belly button. In French, if you say that a person is "nombriliste", it means that they are helplessly egocentrical, narcisstic...etc I am scared and I have reasons to be scared as somebody dropped off some card of a boat repair person or garage person in the marine department of a company in Guadeloupe and the media were publicising that KARLA HOMOLKA went there for her vacations. I'm afraid of young girls who want to use me as a surrogate dummy, go after brass ovaries to buy their ovum and/or sperm donors (Nelson & Eddy look like real boys of a prominent family who are much older of course) and then have kids with rich fellows and then want to kill bad people such as those who encourage junk foods and those who pollute air or water! I think Joe Biden is making a huge mistake. I am for education by vegetables growers of recipes to kids in school so they can learn young how to cook for themselves. There has never been so much obesity in all ages of population ! I think Gwyneth Paltrow also is very sane has good life habits. I believe in stretching I'd like to be a Pilates instructor. Too many hostile horse whisperers spoil the sauce! I never heard so many idiotic and negative comments in my life. The owner of the family resource where I am living is always criticizing me! She pretends for far-away watchers that every friday morning we do exercises on a chair with Gloria a lady from Concordia, but that person who is very nice and warm came only twice. The first time it was like I was excluded because friday morning is mopping the floor & scrubbing the bathroom so I was busy doing the imposed chores at the imposed period of time, the greek girl was invited downstairs and wasn't coming back upstairs 2nd floor, when she came back I had cleaned everything I could, I was told she had exercises & the next friday I was invited. Then, no more friday morning exercises!

Author: Marie-Blanche Besner

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