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Open Letter from Alexander Falzaroni to Sylvester Stallone
“Dear Sly”

Saturday 9 March 2019,

Dear Sly,
My name’s Alex, I was born in Italy in a small city that overlooks a beautiful lake, Como, and I have been living here for 36 years.

My greatest passion is cinema. Since I was a little child, I used to admire American movies such as thriller movies or action ones, comedies, sci-fi and so on… and as the years were passing by I noticed that I began to love everything about this art we call cinema.

I have always been an insecure kind of person, a sort of loner, like the well-known Peter Parker from Spiderman. I tried so hard to fit in in so many different ways, through sport or school activities, but everything was useless and the results were poor.

For this reason, I found shelter in my own world. When I was alone with my imagination and fantasy, I was no longer scared about others’ opinion and judgement. I was only myself.

My attitude to movies has never changed, when it comes to watch a movie, I dedicate completely myself to it and, I have to say, particularly to yours.
I have grown up with you, I watched Rambo or Rocky so many times that my parents had to change two videorecorders at those times, but at least I learnt all the lines by heart.
It was not even an effort because I saw in you, who I wanted to be in the future nor for the muscles and neither for the success, but for the ideals and values, you represented to me.

People grow, people change as the time passes. They have to take tough decisions once in a while, they have to deal with reality and for me, this moment arrived a little bit too early as I needed to work right after high school without having the chance to go to college.

I never stopped to fight for what I believed in, I was always in movement to pursue my goals and I understood that was important to work on myself, I looked myself in the mirror on a daily basis to face what I had inside and start to live my live only as I wanted it to be lived. No one could have change that, no one.

In 2005, I suddenly realised that I wanted to make cinema and I wanted to tell stories so I decided to buy my first video camera. I convinced (not so easily), some friends of mine to help me filming some short movies in my small village. Screenplays were totally a mess, acting skills… It is better not to say, but we were having so much fun doing something we all liked to do.

Little by little, this passion turned into something deeper. I started to study books about direction and acting on my own, I tried to absorb as much as I could until I felt ready to practice what I learnt from those pages. Therefore, I started to take small parts in amateur videos in Milan as an actor, but also as a part of the backstage staff to observe things from a different point of view. I joined a theatre group and I turned on the lights on my path as an artist even though it was hard under every aspect.

In 2010, thanks to people who share my same interests, I founded a non-profit association, called Millennium 82. This association had and has the aim to give the opportunity to other people, to undertake artistic experiences linked to cinema, video, music and photography in collaboration with other artists and professionals.

It has been 8 years, Sly. I am getting older and for me, time has never been more precious. I treasured every single moment spent, beautiful or not, I regret nothing so I do not need to look back, I only look forward. I look forward because I have Millennium 82, I can call “friend” every single person who accepted to take part to this family and this is important.

Often, when you lead an association like this, where people are not supposed to sign a work contract, you show hope in their good will, you trust them.
It is hard to get on well, we are human beings. I mean. It happens all the time between brothers and sisters. Despite this, we grow. Yesterday we were like 10 or maybe less, today we are 50 and tomorrow we can be more.

I realized a little dream of mine. When I was 23, I wrote a screenplay for a movie that, 6 years after, I accomplished to realize thanks to experts from Milan that showed interest for the project. It was amazing; I counted up to 250 people working on it.
Well, I was not the director; I was the main character of the movie.

I wanted so bad to realize what I had in mind and thanks to my determination, we started this adventure in 2012.
The whole filming phase lasted about a year, we had our jobs first and, for this reason, we only had the time to shoot during the weekends.
After 5 long years RS Ricerche Speciali (RS Special Researches) was complete and it was played at our local cinema (Gloria Cinema).

12th may 2017? One of the most important moment that life could have given to me. I gathered all the little things I sowed until that very moment. I showed my work to 400 people that magic day, but first, I showed myself that I was worth it, that my ideas were worth it as well.

During the creation of the movie, I often thought about many of your movies, Sly. Some of your characters were examples to follow as a man and as an artist.
Dialogues you wrote filled my heart with longing and perseverance. Every time you feel like KO, there’s always a good reason to get up on your feet and start to run alongside your beliefs.

I’ve been reading news and watching documentaries about your life, I got into your story and I understood that, that young boy who built his future in 1972 with the first Rocky, had a lot in common with me.

I do not know if you will ever receive this letter, I do not now if you will ever read this either, but I want to try because I have nothing to lose from hoping.
I just want to ask you a little help, a real, tangible one because no one is nothing without help, am I right?
I just wanted you to give me the chance to show you my work and my projects to know what you think about them.

My guys and I are already making the sequel to the movie in a web-series form. We have zero budget, but we improved our tools and equipment, and most of all, we improved ourselves through experience and dedication.

This web-series is an “all in” for us, 18 episodes that last about 15 minutes each. They will be a real rollercoaster of conspiracies, treasons, fights and esoteric mysteries that will give a new shade to the sci-fi world we love so much.

We have ourselves but we need someone that help us to promote and support the project. I don’t want to be “that cheeky guy who wants too much”, I asked for YOUR help because you already walked in my shoes, because you know how much important is to have a chance. You create your own fate.

I thank you in advance for your time and attention. Furthermore, I seize the opportunity to express my endless esteem for you as a man and as an artist.

P.S.: I know you have Italian roots, and we are proud of that drop of blood. Italians have that thing.

With my best wishes,
Alexander Falzaroni

Author: Alexander Falzaroni

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