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Open letter from Anna to Helena Bonham Carter

Wednesday 29 July 2020,

Buongiorno Helena Bonham Carter,

Sorry for any errors, it's ##### Translate's fault, I'm Italian.
My best friend Anna is your fan and she asked me to send you this message (SHE COULDN'T FIND THE COURAGE TO SEND IT TO YOU).
"Dear Helena
How are you? I just wanted to tell you how much I love you. I just wanted to let you know that, two years ago, you radically changed my life. And that if this site that in theory allows me to contact you is actually a rip-off, know that it'll end like when your birthday I found out that what I had found on Instagram was a fan page and you didn't have a social profile so I couldn't contact you to wish you Happy Birthday...!
I was very sad.
I don't want to write you something everyone's writing to you (things like You are my idol! I adore you!)
I'll tell you:
One day
I'd love
To be
Your friend
And maybe
Your colleague
(Which isn't very original anyway, but ok)
I know, the chances of me becoming an actress like you are obviously very remote, because I live in a little (and remote!) village in Southern Italy, but I want to believe it.
I've been imagining our meeting for two years. And I pray that it'll happen soon.
I repeat: ti voglio bene. Tanto.

From a fourteen year old who, yes, I admit it, adores you.

Author: Anna

Letter to Helena Bonham Carter. Letter 1.

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