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Open letter from Arya Ward to Bradley Cooper
“Synopsis: Aria and the sailor”

Friday 12 July 2019,

Hello , my respects. I still do not know if this message will be sent to you, but I say beforehand that if the person who receives it does not transmit it, it makes a big mistake, because in this scenario, where I put my heart, there is a message.

A short presentation: I am a writer, I published but I am more interested in the scenarios today; I am neither man nor woman; a little of both but I was not given the choice; it was done at birth. I will not dwell on my life. My goal is to look at people like me, not as monsters, but as human beings in their own right.

The presentation is short, but we will have time, if you are interested in the scenario

A French writer, middle-aged, falls in love with a singer of the navy, simply, on the social networks.

At first she does not understand what is happening to her, the emotions that the sight is causing, and the voice of the young man disturbs and destabilizes it ; then start hunting by all means to its provisions on the net that go to harassment. Several times he blocks her, but she creates another account, then another; she goes so far as to bind herself with many of the friends of the handsome sailor; a little worry however, the singer is gay.  « I'm not gay but something that looks after all”
Then comes the idea of ​​writing their story, as it will like it to happen and to propose it to a producer. The incredible happens, very quickly his script is accepted by a famous producer. Aria (the writer) is demanding and makes caprices, nothing stops her, not even the years she has in addition: "Nowadays surgery does miracles" Several operations later, by the uncle of one of the singer of the band, here it is rejuvenated, 20 years younger, the dream; installed in a certain comfort and surrounded by his new friends, here it is ready. She is fully committed to the conquest of the beautiful singer. After a lot of twists and when she almost gave up, everything happens. There follows a relationship that is more than passionate where they push everything to the extreme. Of course everything is not right for them; jealousies, intrigues and all kinds of pettiness due to wickedness. With the help of Mama and Bo, Aria's employees, the sailor prepares a surprise wedding; everything is grandiose and romantic; but in the course of the meal, while they interpret their version of "Cheek to Cheeck", two shots sound: they fall, one after another, mortally wounded. Soon they are evacuated to a large hospital. What's going to happen ????
Of course the story does not stop there Well here you have everything in hand; what are you going to do .
Remember that this story may be true. See you soon

Author: Arya Ward

Letter to Bradley Cooper. Letter 1.

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