Letter to Stéphane Bern

Open letter from Dagmar Hewusz to Stéphane Bern

Monday 13 September 2021,

Hello Stéphane Bern,
My Name is Dagmar Hewuszt
My name is Dagmar Hewuszt. I am very interested in Cardinal Richelieu. I therefore have a few questions for you. What was Richelieu's favourite food? Did he already know sweets? Did he already brush his teeth? I know that he was very clean and took great care of his appearance. Where did he bathe and go to the toilet when he needed to? How many rooms did he live in and what did they look like? How many horses did he have? I know he had 14 cats. Where did Richelieu sleep? How tall was he? Was he really as tall as in the pictures? What did a toothbrush of that time look like? What did Richelieu wear under his robe? Was there toilet paper in those days? Did Richelieu also inform his staff when there was trouble? Did Richelieu celebrate his birthday? Did Richelieu already know pizza and pasta? Was Richelieu really as evil as portrayed in the films? What were the names of Richelieu's siblings? I know about Arnoud and Alfons. Did Richelieu also go to the market to buy food or did he have it brought to him? How many body servants did he have? Was there also a guardsman called Jussack?
I hope that the questions are not too difficult and that you can help me.
Kind regards and please stay healthy.
Dagmar Hewuszt

P.S. Can you forward my questions to someone else who knows about this?

Author: Dagmar Hewusz

Letter to Stéphane Bern. Letter 1.

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