Letter to Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Open letter from Amylea Joy to Thomas Brodie-Sangster
“To Thomas”

Tuesday 12 January 2021,

Hello Thomas Brodie-Sangster, i'll call myself as Amy and i'm really into you after I watch maze runner (all of them). Yesterday i just finished The Queen's Gambit. It was ever and forever the best series I ever watched. And I love see that you was wearing the fake mustache! you look a way too young and the truth you're going to be 31 this year. I cant believe that. you're too cute for your age. I know it's already 2021 but I think it's never be late to tell about. You got a lot of work to do but i hope it is enough to tell you that i'm a big fan to you (even i just knew you two days ago (≧≦) but please remember that I exist. And as a fan, you know to see you is the one of the most important things that I want in life. I mean i'm hoping to see you before any bad happen to me or even before i died. You know "Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you". I dont know even this "fanmail" is true or not, but i know you're related to Thomas, please mentioned me to him. please...
By the way, i hope you're doing fine in London. I'm not a stalker either crazy fan. I only know you through the internet and you're so gorgeous, handsome, attractive, smart and whatever good things as i like boys like you or i will said you're my type of man? ( ´‿ゝ`) I believe in passion, and i'm looking forward for him (thomas) to reply and i'll mentioned my email (to Publi Contact)... and last but not least.."Do you like my hair? "( ꈍᴗꈍ)

Author: Amylea Joy

Letter to Thomas Brodie-Sangster. Letter 11.

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