Letter to Bruce Willis

Open letter from Renaissance De l'Espoir to Bruce Willis
“We need you”

Monday 5 April 2021,

Bonjour Bruce Willis,

You are a great personality and your fame crosses borders.
We ask for your help on behalf of our Renaissance De l'Espoir association (RDE). Created to help underprivileged children and fight poverty and poor nutrition. Like any start-up, we have not had any donations to date. We cultivate our land, the full benefits of which are donated to the association. We provided our personal assistance as long as we could. It is no longer enough, donations are really indispensable because the needs have evolved. Our request may seem trite to you and you would not need to read it, we would write it if we were not desperate and you were not deeply human. It is despair that drives us to write to you.

We have a late shipping container due to lack of resources and unpaid labor for the good people who tend to grow our fields. We are caught in a vicious circle and we urgently need a little help to get out of it.

We address you in desperation by having exhausted all other possibilities of legal procedures to obtain donations.

We apologize if reading our letter has wasted some of your time.
For us who live this situation every day that God makes, you represent the only hope that we and we will be infinitely grateful to you if you can intercede on our behalf. Being neither a writer nor a storyteller, our story may not have moved you to tears, but we cry every day! We continue to fight for children to maintain their dignity and find a place in this world that you are helping to make better and fairer for those who wish.

We thank you in advance for your kindness towards us and extend our sincere thanks to you,

President Yvana LAMARQUE

Web site : https://www.renaissancedelespoir.com/
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Author: Renaissance De l'Espoir

Letter to Bruce Willis. Letter 2.

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