Letter to Theo James

Open letter from Mihaela to Theo James

Tuesday 27 July 2021,

Hello, Theo! My name is Mihaela, I'm 36 years old and I'm from Romania. I'm the mother of 2 beautifull boys. Emoji First of all, I want to tell you that I'm so glad to meet you. I hesitated to write to you, because I admit, I was a little ashamed. I want to tell you from the beginning that I'm not a journalist or anything else that would pay attention to your peronality. I'm just a simple girl who wants to befriend you. A little while ago, by chance, I saw some movies with you (Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant). There are more, but i didn't saw all.
I really liked your role. Anyway... I would very much like to meet you, just as a friend and I hope you accept my invitation and answer me, if you have time to e-mail. I don't follow anything personal from you, I'm a modest, normal person with a decent life. I suppose you're wondering why I'm writing to you, what's the reason... I'll tell you, because that's right and okay.
Some time ago, I decided to totally sketch my life. Starting from the job, everyday life, to change my habits, including friends. Lately (in fact in general) I see everywhere around me, more and more selfish people, bad people, friends of the façade who use you, and I decided that I have to sketch my life and be myself. That's why I decided to make different friends with whom I could have a beautiful and sincere friendship. There was a chance to meet you, I don't know... maybe the universe. because by chance, reading an article on the net, I saw your email address. I know it's not your personal address, but the manager in charge of your pages, I'd really like to let you know and if you want to talk to me. I know you're mega busy, filming, personal life, but I'd like to meet you. I hope you don't find it hilarious, but I'd like to be friends. I know it's weird, considering we've never seen each other,but in this world nothing is impossible if you really believe. The universe conspires in our favor, we just have to believe.
I hope the gentleman in charge of your page is as nice and sensitive as I am and sends you this email. I ask him from the bottom of my heart. My life begins with a change, and porobably you wonder why I chose you? That's how it happened. It's something I felt at the time, that it would be good for me to meet someone from another country. Especially since I little informed myself about you and I was impressed by your big soul,the fact that you smile a lot and you're very funny.
Although you are famous, I saw that you have nothing to do with this, you are a simple guy, without food and very communicative (the videos that I watched) .m particularly impressed that you help people, children (REFUGIATIONS) , and as far as I know you have a history behind your grandfather. I don't care that you're famous, don't get me wrong, I obviously admire you a lot, but i touched my heart with your kindness, your smile and the way you treat people. You're obviously educated.
Anyway, I don't want to get boring. I hope you accept my sincere friendship and the chance to meet you. For me it would mean a change in my life. Thanks for the effort to read this message and thank all the people behind you. You're great.

Author: Mihaela

Letter to Theo James. Letter 1.

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