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“Congratulations ”

Tuesday 31 December 2019,

Good Morning James Cameron,
I’m Alessia Piccini, an italian girl who saw yesterday for the first time your film ‘Avatar’ . Before warching it I thought it a good film yet, but when I finished the film i litteraly said:” this is the best film that I’ve ever seen.”
The special effects, the story, characters, the meaning of the film that I perceived,... all is perfect.
And during the film I’ve noticed some small scenes and small details that in my brain have hit me more than other important scenes (which were beautiful too of course). For example in the war scenes between Avatars and Humans, there Was an avatar on his ‘horse ’ that shoot an arrow killing a man of sky, but saddenly the man shooted him too and he died. The beauty of this little scene is that avatar has died to stick up for his popolation and for his planet! All we human would learnt something from Avatars. This film is yes, a masterpiece of global cinema, but is a lesson of life too. The resourse of details is really incredible. I am nothing to say that but I’d want to congratulet you for you engine creating this amazing story, and thanksful to you I discovered my favourite film ever. Thank you and hope you read this One day
P.s sorry for the errors on writing

Author: James Cameron

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