Letter to James Cameron

Open letter from Taliy Shkurupiy to James Cameron
“Invitation to James Cameron for conference Global Crisis ”

Wednesday 1 September 2021,

Hello James Cameron,

As a popular public person, we would like to address you openly and honestly. We hope you see and are aware of the rapid increase of climatic changes on our planet, the consequences of which are becoming more and more destructive, often leading to death of people.
We know that the actions that are being taken to address this problem are not enough. That is why we, as socially responsible citizens from different countries, have joined together on one platform to inform the world community and to unite as the entire world in the face of global cataclysms.
Therefore, on behalf of millions of people from all over the world, we invite you to record a video message or to speak at the international online conference "Global Crisis. Time for the Truth", which will be held on December 4, 2021 on the ALLATRA platform.
You are a public person, and as such, you are responsible for the millions of people who trust you. In these extremely difficult times, it is precisely your voice that can encourage people all over the world to unite and create instead of destroying, because this is the only way out in the face of the global challenges facing humanity for the first time.
Right now, people need you to draw the attention of the entire international community to the most important problem of modern civilization.
The conference will be simultaneously translated into more than 100 languages and broadcast on thousands of media platforms. Our previous conference was translated into 72 languages (more at allatraunites.com). This is the largest unification of people in the known history of humankind, and it was made possible thanks to the personal initiative of the participants of the ALLATRA International Public Movement — socially active volunteers from all over the world.
ALLATRA is not affiliated with any political movements, nor with the personal interests of individual citizens and their profit. It is a true volunteer Movement.
This conference, as well as all the activities of ALLATRA volunteers, is not about making money. The event is organized completely by socially active people, real volunteers from all over the world, on their own initiative, by their own efforts and resources.
If you also see the seriousness of the situation and you care about people's lives, we hope for a positive response from you. If you don't care about your own life, the lives of your family and friends, and all of humanity, you do not have to respond to this letter. But if you are a person who cares about the lives of your loved ones, your personal life and the future of humanity, and you are ready to speak at a conference or record a video message, please contact us.
Taliy Shkurupiy, Coordinator of the Creative Society project in the USA
+1(747) 999-0985

Please forgive us for writing bluntly and frankly. But we have already encountered people who are indifferent to what is going on in the world and who don't care about their friends and relatives, as well as all of humanity. For them, their personal ratings or trivial money-making are much more important. Therefore, we believe that it is time to tell the truth and call things by their rightful names!

Participants of the ALLATRA International Public Movement

Author: Taliy Shkurupiy

Letter to James Cameron. Letter 4.

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