Letter to James Cameron

Open letter from J. Vior to James Cameron

Tuesday 11 January 2022,

Buenos días James Cameron,
Dear Mr Cameron:
Allow me to talk to you firstly showing my great respect and admiration.
I am a man and I am 49 years old. I live in Gijón, Asturias, Spain. I am from a modest working class family in love with you work. I think they all are sublime.
Since I was a child I am a big fan of yours and a great science-fiction fan as well. I think that great passion came since the release of E.T. in the 82, when I was 10 years old. (I already know it was directed by Spilberg). Then, the series “V, alien invasion” in the 83 really impacted and it left a mark on me and it was since then that I am such an all thing related to aliens enthusiast.
On the year 84, of course, other film that would left a mark on me was “The terminator” and in the 86 “Aliens”. From my point of view I think you are one of the best film-makers from the last decades. I would love to see a serie like “V” made by you and with the technology from today and with the intrigue, the emotion and the thriller that series had in that time, capturing the essence from the original series. The remake made in 2009 did not have any of that.
I don’t doubt of your ability to create anything imaginable or unimaginable that nowadays young people could be attracted to and it doesn’t look like any other science-fiction film but like something that could happen, why not? And make people ask themselves: are we really alone in the universe?
The series would need to have your brilliant mind to be able to create something sublime that made every generation together sit in front of the TV just as it happened in the small village I used to live when I was a kid and “V” was broadcasting and the whole village was empty outside. It would have to be something plausible inside people’s minds.
Goodbye from a great admirer that simply wanted to share an idea from the deepest respect and modesty.

Looking forward hearing from you with my best wishes.

Author: J. Vior

Letter to James Cameron. Letter 5.

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