Letter to Matthias Platzeck

Open letter from benjamin freeman to Matthias Platzeck
“An untested path to better EU/Russian relations”

Sunday 10 October 2021,

Hello Matthias Platzeck,

The Afghan debacle finally proves that we must find an alternative to the US led NATO alliance as the world policeman. Considering also that the US and Russia would like to deflect an increasingly powerful China from a hegemonistic course, there is a basis to sell the US, Russia, the UK and France on giving the UN the ability to be the final decider of how to deal with international trouble spots. And while the China of 2035 might be so strong that they would be willing to stand alone against empowering the Security Council to fulfill its charter obligation to “keep the peace,” the problems associated with doing so now are greater than the advantages from China’s point of view.

Not only does Brexit allow both Germany and Italy to get semi-permanent seats on the Council without making the membership overly Eurocentric, but France is less attached to its veto than the other four permanent members. Therefore, creating a unified EU position on a specific plan to limit veto use and add new Council members is now possible. Since Russia accepting an empowered council would end the danger of Moscow attacking its near abroad again, it would be possible for all EU members to agree to offer President Putin the type of relationship with Europe that Russian leaders since Peter the Great have wanted IN RETURN FOR Moscow jointly supporting a joint EU position on UN reform in New York.

Why not give peace by asking for a specific proposal which the top French diplomat in Paris, the head of a Russian think tank, a former German UN Ambassador and Obama’s last Ambassador to China have all seen the potential for universal acceptance in the last few months? If you sold it to Putin and then to the incoming chancellor, you could literally change the course of world history.

Author: benjamin freeman

Letter to Matthias Platzeck. Letter 1.

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