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Open letter from Luca to Bruce Springsteen
“Happy birthday Bruce”

Monday 23 September 2019,

My dear Bruce,
I would like to tell you a lot of things – you cannot immagine how many – that I really don’t know from where start.
My name is Luca, I’m 30 and Italian as you probably will notice from by bad english…sorry for that! What I want you know is that I love you. I’m not poor or unlucky, I really don’t miss anything. I just feel grateful to you because of your energy, positivity, joy, hope. In other words: your MUSIC. To me and milions of people is one of those things worth living for. Every time I feel bad I know that your music will feel me better, no matter how bis the pain is. I’m young – it’s true – but this does not mean that the life is without delusions or bad moments. Maybe is because of that our old friend that sometimes comes knocking the doors or maybe it’s just because I’m melanchonic….I’m 30 now! and I like thinking that we are just very close souls as our birthdays are.
I hope that this letter will finds you in a some way as a little gift to what you are and you’ve have done and will continue to give to us (…
you deserve much more than this…).

Please don’t stop filling our hearts with your songs.
Happy birthday Boss, see you in Italy.

Love you,

Author: Luca

Letter to Bruce Springsteen. Letter 6.

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