Open letter from Antonella to Eminem
“To my idol”

Sunday 7 February 2016,

Dear Marshall,
I'm one of your greatest fan. I know that probabily this is one of the many e-mails that you receive every day, but if for you it's a simple mail, for me it's important. Well honestly i'm not sure if this mail arrive you but maybe it's my hope that induced me to write it. Anyway i must to say THANK YOU! For everytime you're near to me with your songs. Everytime i'm sad or angry i listen to you and i feel better like magic! I don't know how it's possible, probabily because whatever you write arrives in my heart, like Hailey's song for example. Damn that song it's perfect! It's so sweet, you are so sweet with your daughters! Anyway one of my dreams is that you'll came here in Italy one day for a concert...i hope this dream will came reality ;) i love u so much! Don't stop never to be the beautiful person you are! Love and Peace ;)
Antonella, 15, from Italy

Author: Antonella

Letter to Eminem. Letter 41.

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