Letter to Dylan O'Brien

Open letter from une fille.. to Dylan O'Brien
“I hope you will see this letter ...”

Saturday 15 May 2021,

hello, this actor, whom I would like to meet one day.
I hope you will see this letter one day, you have millions of qualities, I find you very beautiful, very cute with your hazel brown eyes, I know you are an adult but I have to say what I think, this is important to me.
I want you to know that you have a lot of people around you who adore you, who write you these letters, just like me ...
You will take me for a crazy person but I admire you enormously and even later, when I have children, I would tell them that I fell in love too but that I never could see it, but it was the best feeling ... to love someone so much and I would tell them that you were a wonderful person who made a success of his life and who I hope will be there again ....
In short, all this to tell you that I admire you a lot and I hope you will see this text one day ...

Author: une fille..

Letter to Dylan O'Brien. Letter 38.

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