Letter to John Leguizamo

Open letter from N.M. Tomassini to John Leguizamo
“N tomassini, M.Ed.”

Tuesday 1 June 2021,

Hello John Leguizamo
My family is also Of Italian -Puerto Rican heritage. My brother wrote several science fiction scripts. How can a PR brother get a sci Fi script noticed Without an agent or connections just talent. Would you like to help a sci fi brother? It would be an honor to have you express an interest in view his scripts. Who knows what May develop. Your genius, your lens and understanding of the unfortunate dilemma that people of mixed heritage face and how you talk about it is phenomenal. Genius can manifest anywhere, in poor, old, young Black ,Latino But is not expected to be found or acknowledged in us.as a result we are frustrated and suffer in silence.

Author: N.M. Tomassini

Letter to John Leguizamo. Letter 1.

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