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About Marcello Novaes
Marcello Novaes Tolentino (born 13 August 1962 in Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian actor. He studied at the drama school Tablado, along with Malu Mader, Drica Moraes, Maurício Mattar, and Felipe Camargo. His television debut was in 1988 on Vale Tudo telenovela. He has played the same role twice in separate soap operas, both written by Sílvio de Abreu. His first lead came in 1994, the auto mechanic Raí in Quatro por Quatro. It was during that job he met and fell in love with actress Letícia Spiller. They married and had a son two years later. In 1996, he starred alongside Andréa Beltrão, Humberto Martins and Murilo Benício in the telenovela Vira-Lata (released as Underdog in the USA). In 1999, he participated in the historical mini-series Chiquinha Gonzaga and the show Andando nas Nuvens. In 2000, he played the character Beterraba in telenovela Uga Uga. The following year he played Xande in O Clone, the boadyguard and boyfriend of an addicted rich girl. In 2003 he portrayed Ignácio in A Casa das Sete Mulheres and then the rustic Timóteo in Chocolate com Pimenta. Due to the success of his partnership with author Glória Perez, that begun in O Clone, he returned to act on a show by the author in 2005, but his character left unnoticed in América. The actor showed displeasure with the incident. He lived the co-star Vicente de Sete Pecados and then the surfer Sandro in Três Irmãs. ^ O Globo - Nov 21, 2008
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