Letter to Angelina Jolie

Open letter from V19 to Angelina Jolie

Thursday 13 May 2021,

Good morning Angelina Jolie,
I am a 19 year old girl, my dream is to become an actress and in September I will shoot the first film, while the second one written by me will help to make all young boys understand that you have to follow what you love despite all obstacles.
You know very often I am told "you want to be an actress just to make a lot of money, money makes you bad" I say that money is not bad because if it were a lot I would donate it to those who need it most, in my country of birth many people have nothing to eat or a roof over their heads. Right now I can't donate a lot but when I can they are always something, whether it's clothes or money they need it more than me.
You know you would be perfect in my new movie, but I think you have more important requests, I don't know if you will ever read this letter but if you will and one day I will meet you I promise to tell you that one day I sent you a letter.
Who knows maybe I'll meet you at the Cannes Film Festival or in Hollywood, I can't know.
I want to tell you that you and Leonardo di Caprio are my greatest inspiration and that I love what you do for others.

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Letter to Angelina Jolie. Letter 6.

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