Letter to Alycia Debnam-Carey

Open letter from Nancy Gallifuoco to Alycia Debnam-Carey
“Per Alycia”

Sunday 30 May 2021,

Hi Alycia how are you? I hope well, pleasure my name is Nancy and I am Italian, for this excuse me if I make some grammatical errors in English, I know that you will not read me for sure, you will have many messages but I wanted to write you anyway. I wanted to thank you now imagine that you will think for what? and I will answer you immediately, in this period I lost my grandfather and I have not dealt with it at all well since I grew up with him I have lost a fundamental pillar in my life, I am going through a dark period, one day by chance perhaps for the destiny I don't know if you believe in destiny, but scrolling on TikTok a video of yours appeared, at the beginning I did not give so much importance then in the following days talking with a friend of mine, this friend of mine to get distracted told me to see a series on netflix The 100 that there was a character that I would have loved that character was yours, the one you played. I started watching the series then stopped it because I rightly didn't feel like it given the events I was facing. When then a week later, always opening TikTok, I get a video of you from there I resumed the series, I want to thank you because from that day you have unknowingly given me days a little sparked off a pinch of happiness in fact the series I am following it only for you. I wanted to say thank you, because you person no character in a dark moment, I feel very attached to you on an emotional level even though I don't know you and I feel like telling you that I love you, and I very much hope that you pass hurry this pandemic because my biggest dream is to meet you one day and to be able to hug you. Then if you want I will wait for you here in Italy and if you want to visit my city that is Naples I would be very honored to be your tour guide. I am sending you a virtual hug I hope in my heart that you will read me..

Ps I don't want to be a simple fan, because I consider you an important person in my life and if maybe I can hear from you even a few times you would make my life better ..

i can't tell the universes how much i love you.
but i can love you like you are my universe

Author: Nancy Gallifuoco

Letter to Alycia Debnam-Carey. Letter 2.

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