Letter to Patti Smith

Open letter from Jacqueline Avenin-Corper to Patti Smith
“Hello from France”

Friday 1 May 2020,

Bonjour Patti Smith,

- I hope you are fine despite this health crisis. I have always been a fan even if I have never communicated about it. I am a liitle younger than you (59 years old). I live in France, in Brittany, in the western part of France. Tonight, while writing to you, I am listening to 'Land'. I have always loved it. How do you feel about this lockdown and the situation in your country?

As for me, I am a teacher and I work a lot at home but I still write everyday. I am passionate by my job and during this sad passage, I am still in contact with my students far from me but the Internet helps a lot.
As for my other passions, I love music (many vinyls and CD's at home). My husband, also a teacher is a bass player, fan of The Sonic Rendez Vous Band.
I really enjoy Baudelaire and Victor Hugo, and I am writing my own text in these difficult moments.

-Je vous délivre quelques mots en français, que vous connaissez peut-être, chers à mon cœur de Victor Hugo:
"Le nombre est dans l'art comme dans la science, l'algèbre est dans la l'astronomie et l'astronomie touche à la poésie, l'algèbre est dans la musique et la musique touche à la poésie. L'esprit de l'homme a trois clés qui ouvrent tout: le chiffre, la lettre, la note- Savoir, penser,rêver- Tout est là" (extrait de : Des Rayons et des Ombres).

Bonne soirée,

Author: Jacqueline Avenin-Corper

Letter to Patti Smith. Letter 4.

One comment on this letter to Patti Smith
  1. Hello Patti Smith,

    Hope you are feeling well in these strange times. I have always appreciated your talent, voice and lyrics.
    Just a message from a French woman who likes Baudelaire, Victor Hugo and you of course... While writing to you, I am listening to the Screaming Trees and it is like I was on another planet perhaps Mars...

    Je vous envoie plein de fleurs virtuelles de Bretagne. I will always remember you in Concarneau a few years ago.

    Continuez à nous faire rêver, Patti.


    1 month ago, by jacqueline

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