Letter to Wentworth Miller

Open letter from Lina Jaquet to Wentworth Miller
“Wentworth Miller letter.”

Sunday 3 January 2021,

Hello Wenworth Miller,
My name is Lina, I am 13 years old and I admire you for about 1 year, I got to know you thanks to prison break, a series that my parents made me know, and frankly your acting talent is admirable, j 've already restarted the series more than 3 times, I also wanted to tell you, that your courage in the face of your comming out, is respectable, you are a strong and respectful man, I know that many people tell you, but I wanted to tell you my way, you have been really strong and brave, and many people support you, including me, I hope all your suffering in the face of this, has died down, homophobia should no longer exist in 2021, i follow you on ####### and your posts make me funny, it's relevant and brave, i hope you get the chance to read this post, i don't want a reply, just let you know you are a person admirable, the fan club is there for you, I love you.

Lina Jaquet.

Author: Lina Jaquet

Letter to Wentworth Miller. Letter 5.

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  1. Hello Wentworth Miller,
    I'm writing to you today to tell you about all the admiration I have for you, I got to know you thanks to prison break, a series that my parents made me know, and in this series we can notice your magnificent talent actor, you play extremely well, every detail of the emotions is beautifully played, later I dream of being an actress and if I could have your talent I would be delighted, you are a courageous and respectable man, respectable for this comming out that you you did 7 years ago, August 21, 2013 in a letter sent to the director of a Russian festival, where you were invited, to challenge the anti-LGBT law voted this year in Russia, you were much more than courageous, this is remarkable and admirable, I hope that all your suffering in relation to this has been exhausted, homo phobia should no longer exist in 2021, I send you all my support, you are a magnificent man, and respectable, and remember this is what all your fans think about v ou, I love you.

    Lina Jaquet

    5 months ago, by Lina Jaquet

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