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Open letter from IMMA ALFANO to Tom Cruise
“Having a chance is so difficult in life?”

Wednesday 21 February 2018,

Hello Tom Cruise,

Hi: My name is Imma Alfano

For some time I have been trying to enter the world of entertainment even though I am almost 18 years old in September, for my personal satisfaction, because I like it, because it appasizes me, because it is part of me, and an indescribable thing to try and win applause from part of the audience when so on stage to act, see that at some joke someone in the audience gets up and says very good and applauds.

Regardless of this, I'm a girl I study in the 5th year of the humanities, the remaining time I dedicate it to the theater my greatest passion, I do acting (theater) from the age of 7 years and I continue to do so.

I participated in a fashion show winning a band like miss smile but only for question that someone said that it could also be a stepping stone, I participated in various theater comedies both as a comic actress that dramatic.

My life even if I lived only recently because I'm only 18 years old I live only for the gloomy except my family, dad and mother, my brother and my sisters, several times I've been deluded I'm not there to name even if people who are in the entertainment world, well-known even they had even proposed me enrolled for a film whose year already began to shoot and make the shots and with the certainty after doing that test with them and their promise that I would have a part or an important role this said by them because I was very good.
Even in the study of a famous singer from Campania, where there are also actresses known with 1000 guys waiting in line, waiting anchio after having already done the test because they told me to wait and not go away because they wanted to see me recite.

They made me try again a script of which they were amazed calling also other people of the show and making them see how good I was. also here said by them, and that they would call me for a part, but after a few months I saw that the shots had already begun calling for explanations clearly wondering what happened said that no name appeared as ALFANO IMMA and understood that it was all a fake, as they say only to make a number. And I'm not there to tell you how many promises of other actors.

When I was 13 years old my parents enrolled me in an agency in Rome, going there with economic sacrifice from my parents asked for money 2500 euros for registration and the photographic Book, and I repeat with great sacrifice they paid but it was another prank I tore all the photos after about 6 months I was enrolled as only promises. Pending that to enter this world is so difficult.

But I do not care I do not give up, because I'm sure that sooner or later will come my guardian or my angela that does not make fun of me and see how I'm good at recjtare read a 20 page script and after 3 days I know a I recite it with passion and skill without any error, and I feel them inside me that theater is everything for me. and I know for sure that when I get on a real stage, I say real television, I will smile a smile at the spectators, and I will receive applause, and give them the same emotion I feel, and my parents will give something else more 'great, the joy of a happy daughter and never give up and that I can make her dream come true, and I will also tear them a tear of happiness', and I'll have my moment of glory.


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