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Open letter from Heimo Halonen to Enzo Monteleone
“A short treatment of "Ndrangheta, Road to Hell"”

Tuesday 12 November 2019,

Buongiorno Enzo Monteleone,

I send you an idea of a Film that is based on ´Ndrangheta´, it could be also a law of Omerta or just based on the cocaine deals. I haven´t yet got any response from you about this project.

I include you the estimated costs of the script and the short treatment by me.

If the main producer comes from Italy then it would be possible to get finance from Finland as a part producer. We have a production company in Finland that would work as a part producer.

I would be very glad if I could get even a short feedback from you in my e-mail about the project.

I´ve been in contact with MiaMarket, Eurimages, Amazon and BNP Paribas that have asked me to give a pitch about the project.

The pitch should be presented by a professional from Italy.

I´m an executive producer in a Finnish Film that tells about the police special group bear and at the moment I dont´t have time to leave from Finland. In Finnish Film industry the executive producer is always the original creator of the story.

I include a short treatment for your comments!

If you start to produce, all rights are transferred to you and copyright of the script.

Best Regards,

Heimo Halonen
Executive Producer by Ndrangheta

Law of Omerta:

Nintu sacciu e nintu vidu picche si sapiri spinidies virdittu... come nun dittu.

Nothing I know and nothing I have seen because if to know is verdict as not said.

Dear Enzo here is more information!

After Francis Ford Coppola’s film the Godfather I – III hasn’t been done more than one good Mafia movie and that was produced by your Comorra film. The dark shine of mafia movies has always fascinated me like millions of people around the world. I have also got to known the Italians soul spirit because I have a house near Pescara, in Abbruzzo Province.

I have been working under Mafia project ´Nrangheta film for few years now. ´Nrangheta is the most successful and the most international crime organization in Italy. Now I’m searching a main Italian producer and I would be more than happy if Fandango Film Production would be the main producer of this film.

If you join in this project I have a chance to get some part of the finance from Finland and from other European countries.

Comorra Film was a huge success financially with its 33 million euros with its 7 million euros budget. I believe that ´Nrangheta film could be a huge success worldwide because no one hasn’t produced this genre of movie for a long time. Only TV-series has been made. I have asked from many people who work in film industry what they think about this film and they have said that the theme is very interesting.

I have read a lot of literature about Mafia and I have been thinking that the book “Mafia Export” by Francesco Forgione would be good base for this `Nrangheta film project. The most interesting part of this book is definitely the ´Nrangheta part that is based on real life. Without forgetting the humorous part; the drug delivers don’t always find their way but there happens humoristic mishaps. The reader thinks can this really be happening?

The Mafia organizations has been mentioned quite a lot in Italian TV-news and the most spectacular one was the arrest of Mafia boss in his castle about a month ago. The news crew followed this arrest from the beginning till the end.

Let me know what you think about this project so that I know what measures I should do next here in Finland.

Best Regards,

Heimo Halonen
Executive Producer
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Tel. 2. #########

"’Ndrangheta, Road to Hell"

The year is 2005. September has turned the days shorter and darker. Calabria is a merciless and grand region where deep-rooted crime co-exists with the modern way of living.
At twilight, the Morabite brothers, Giuseppe and Nicola visit their local olive farm. From the farm’s car park, they notice shadows moving among the olive trees. Nicola carefully approaches the tree line. Gunfire. Giuseppe watches as his brother gets hit by bullets and falls down to the ground. Giuseppe takes off running towards their car. He gets in, starts the car, and speeds away, just before a line of bullets hit the rear window, barely missing Giuseppe.

As Giuseppe returns home, he is taken over by his emotions and can’t get to sleep. What happened to his brother? In the morning, after a poorly slept night, Giuseppe decides to investigate the scene of the crime. He is surprised to find his brother’s body missing, the only proof of the previous night’s events being the blood trails where his body had lain. Thousands of questions spin in his mind. Why was Nicola shot? Where is his body? And who is behind the attack?

Giuseppe has to decide whether to go to the Carabinieri, or investigate the case on his own. He is 33 years-old, sturdy built and brawny, though that won’t save him from the killers’ guns. But something has to be done. Giuseppe doesn’t sympathize with the local authorities and has always avoided contacting them. After weighing different options, he chooses to revenge his brother’s death, taking justice to his own hands. He only needs to find the people who killed him. Who would have been interested in their olive farm, and why?
Giuseppe confides in his trusted friend Vincenco Galifano. Vincenco is a bit younger, more subdued and reserved than him. They discuss who might have had something against Nicola, and where his body could have been taken to. The two friends decide to search the nearby areas together.

Giuseppe’s farm lies on the coast of the Ionian Sea, near the town of Siderno. The whole region is in the tight grip of the ‘Ndrangheta. Violence and death have always been part of the lives of the people living there. Giuseppe and Vincenco too know what the clan is capable of, and decide to search Giuseppe’s olive plantations for anything that might have interested the criminal organization. Later that afternoon, they come upon a patch of yellow grass. They rush to get equipment and start digging. Vincenco’s shovel hits some substance that is both sticky and powdery. They have found cocaine. Giuseppe starts suspecting Nicola of being involved in drug trafficking.
‘Ndrangheta has used Giuseppe’s coastal land to hide and store cocaine. The two friends finally go to the Carabinieri and ask for their assistance. However, the chief officer does not seem to believe their story of the murdered brother and the hidden cocaine. Giuseppe suspects that something is going on and signals Vincenco that they should leave. They are still skeptical as they visit the local police force, but find them willing to help. A squad comes and empties the cocaine pit, while the Carabinieri chief is also arrested of having connections to the criminal organization.

Next evening, the police force organizes an ambush by the dig site. A shoot-out breaks and there are casualties. Members of ‘Ndrangheta and one police officer die. ‘Ndrangheta returns to avenge to Giuseppe the next night, at his own house. Fortunately, Giuseppe has been evacuated to a nearby hotel and so been saved by the police. Vincenco, however, is not as lucky. He is shot from a speeding car on the front steps of a block of flats.

The Carabinieri gets involved in the investigation. Nicola’s body is found on the edge of a landfill, shot broken, only recognizable by his face. And ‘Ndrangheta won’t give up. The pursuit for Giuseppe is far from over and there are many close calls. Giuseppe keeps moving as they get closer. Finally, he buys himself an assault rifle and decides to fight back with bullets. He wants revenge for Nicola.
Giuseppe arranges an ambush for the pursuers and succeeds in destroying his persecutors. But ‘Ndrangheta’s reach goes far, and Giuseppe has no choice but to get into the witness protection program, if he wants to live. He worries about his family and girlfriend who have been moved to a safe house further away from ‘Ndrangheta’s grip.

Opening titles:

‘Ndrangheta has developed their operation into a billion-euro business of drug trafficking. They have infiltrated the global black market without notice. In the last three decades, ‘Ndrangheta has spread across the world. They are in every city and town with any chance of making a profit. Through education and learning different languages, they have invaded new markets. Like business leaders, they have renewed their criminal operating models. Not forgetting violence and murder.


Giuseppe Morabite
Nicola Morabite
Vincenco Galifano
Garabinieri chief
Chief police officer/Captain of the squad
Police officers
‘Ndrangheta members

Vantaa 15.05.2019

Heimo Halonen
Executive producer

Author: Heimo Halonen

Letter to Enzo Monteleone. Letter 1.

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