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Open letter from KAMBASSERE Augustin Joseph Scenarist and maker to Sylvester Stallone

Monday 12 August 2019,

Good morning M. Sylvester Stallone.
My name is KOMBASSERE Augustin Joseph iam a scenarist and maker of cinema in Burkina Faso.
I gave you a Synopsis of a film the expendables for you to make it.
You have not answered me.
Isit difficult to make this film ? if difficult to make this film, I have an other synopsis ‘’john Rambo keep on making American cinema move foward. Iam happy with you.

Remark : i sell synopsis and i trust you

Colonel trautman who trained john Rambo Died. JOHN Rambo lives alone in Arizona with his farm of horses.
John Rambo wants to Bury his past and start a new life.
One day, he received in his home the visit of a group of mercenary with the son of colonel trautman as head. The son of colonel trautman asked john Rambo to accompany them to a mission in the Amazony forest.
The mission was to save a woman who is the daughter of colonel trautman kidnapped by experienced rebels

Number professionnel carte of cinema and audiovisuel 2018-04
Ministry of culture and tourism Burkina Faso
NB : Burkina Faso is a country located in west africa. The official language is french.
I speak french , i cannot speak English.
My synopsis has been translated by an English teacher.
My contacts :
Email : josephkombassere0@######

Author: KAMBASSERE Augustin Joseph Scenarist and maker

Letter to Sylvester Stallone. Letter 5.

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