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Open letter from imyours to Tom Felton
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Friday 18 December 2020,

You are perfect in everything. You are an ambitious man, you have a golden character, you are always kind to everyone and you really care about what you do. You are beautiful Tom, you have beautiful eyes, I am a slave to them, you have a magnificent smile capable of making smile even the saddest person in the world. You have that super beautiful way of doing things, people love you for the amazing person you are, you are super sweet with animals and children and you would be the perfect person to spend life with. I'll never stop telling you Tom, you are spectacular and I feel so hurt that someone hurt you in life but you will have your redemption. When someone ask me who I think is the best person on the face of the earth, I will undoubtedly mention your name. You are everything that keeps me going, you are in all my dreams, in all my smiles and in my future projects. I love you and I hope you will answer me soon (I’m 20 and Italian girl)

Author: imyours

Letter to Tom Felton. Letter 11.

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  1. Hi Tom, my name is Anna, I'm 20 years old (almost 21) and I'm from Bari (IT). I learned to know you through social media, through the numerous interviews and through your beautiful live shows that manage to tear me a smile and make me feel better. I would like to know you for who you really are, I don't care about fame. You are a special man from every point of view, I am literally a slave to your eyes and I admire you for the beautiful person you are. I hope that one day you can notice me and I hope you are happy every day, you deserve it so much. I love you, happy new year!

    5 months ago, by Anna

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