Letter to Emma Watson

Open letter from Eloïse Vanhaelen to Emma Watson
“Your biggest fan ”

Thursday 21 May 2020,

Hello Emma Watson,
[My name] is Eloïse Vanhaelen. If you received my letter in french , i am sorry i didn’t write il in english right away . I am your biggest fan ! I would like to become an actress and act with you in movies and make us friends. I also sent you a letter on paper but i doubt the address so could you send me your postal address please ? And could you send me your autograph please ? I’d really love it. Thank you in advance ! Kisses Eloïse

Author: Eloïse Vanhaelen

Letter to Emma Watson. Letter 10.

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  1. Hello Emma Watson, it's Eloïse Vanhaelen again I forgot to ask you if you would tell me when you come to Paris because I would really like to meet you. if you have not received my old letter i tell you that you are the best actress in the world and that you are the most beautiful and also that i have sent you a letter on paper but i am not sure of the address so I asked you if you would send me your postal address. And also if you do not mind I asked you if you would send me your autograph my postal address is Belgium, Flanders, Wemmel, n ° 34 thank you in advance kisses Eloïse

    8 months ago, by Eloïse Vanhaelen

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