Ken Loach

Open letter from Anne Neilson to Ken Loach
“Idea for a film”

Wednesday 20 May 2020,

Bonjour Ken Loach,

I’m English from Northampton, living in France. I love your films which gets me down to the guts. My history, being the eldest of 7 (six girls , then finally a boy)born to a German father,
Irish/English mother in 1948. Difficulties for my parents and us with discrimination, neighbors not speaking etc. My father was young , caught and wounded in North Africa, after Russia, sent to a prison camp in Canada, then in a village near Northampton. He was an officer, and because of his good attitude etc in the camp, he was allowed to take Sunday tea with a couple of English people in the village, accompanied by guards. There,he set eyes on my mother, who was in fact at the time engaged with the general of the camp!
The story continues, when I was 7 we changed our name, moved to Cheltenham, changed
School etc. My father was then an architect. How life was difficult as we were forbidden to
ask about the past, to contact our grandmother in Germany etc. I lived very badly all this false identity. My father gave me a copy of his memories in 2000 before he died. We had never talked in all his life about his past. I feel this could be a good theme for a film made by you?? Please let me know what you think. The story seen in the eyes. of my father, my mother or myself ?

Author: Anne Neilson

Letter to Ken Loach. Letter 3.

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